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Welcome to Bandera Boerboels, where we have been breeding, training and showing quality Boerboels since 2007. As dog breeders, we strive for strength, size and balanced temperament, with a determination to preserve the working dog qualities of the Boerboel breed. We look forward to speaking with you soon!


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Bandera Zuko

There are so many ways to describe (Zuko) but love bug sums it up pretty well! Zukes is simply a joy and we enjoy waking up knowing that he will be apart of our day. He is always so happy to see us, and people around him and in public are so happy to meet and see him! He is a really beautiful puppy. Not once have we been out without a mini crowd of people surrounding or inquiring about him.

His personality is perfect, he is happy to meet everyone and is very patient as they ohh and ahh and pet him. He is currently enrolled in puppy kindergarten which we attend every Wednesday and hope to graduate to obedience school soon. He is weighing 60 pounds as of last week when he went to the vet. 

His favorite things are:

  • Riding in his carriage stroller around the neighborhood for an hour (like a prince) or being pulled in said stroller behind a bike

  • Children - especially our Josie who is a little over a year old

  • His grandma in Newark DE

  • Belly rubs/tickles

  • All his toys, especially if he can chew on them and they make noise but strangely waterbottles

  • Meal times without a doubt, the other night after having a particularly yummy meal, he came to thank me by sitting next to me looking at me and gently licking my hand - I took that as "Thanks Ma, that was delicious."

  • Chilling with either Teddy or I. We noticed he wants to be everywhere we are, so we try to incorporate him in our outings because he is very calm. Nothing seems to phase him.

The beach was our latest excursion and we had a lovely day. It was a long hot one but he took it all in stride... The sights, sounds, people.

So thanks for a really solid puppy and friend.

Ruth | New York

Bandera Kai

Hi Teri, I just wanted to check in and let you know what an amazing girl Kai  is.  She is a solid well balanced girl, a gorgeous lean 80lbs at 24.5" in height at the withers. She is active and wicked smart. 


I was diagnosed with uterine cancer and I can't thank you enough for selecting the perfect companion for us. She has been a saving grace for me during my cancer journey and the perfect companion. 


Thank you for finding my special angel. 


BTW, we are still going to train for therapy work at the children's hospital and hospice homes. She will be perfect, so great is her love for humans. Many thanks, The Marquardt family


Talloulah Kalahari

After yrs of reading and meeting and everything to do with boerboels, and now finally owning a female from Bandera Boerboels, I have come to the conclusion Bandera bloodlines produce EXCEPTIONAL dogs. My Talloulah Kalahari is by far one of the most amazing boerboels out there in regards to temperament and health (and beauty) My next boerboel will be thru Bandera without hesitation!! I'm very happy for misfit farms and am not surprised at all at this news.


Bandera Matilda

Matilda is so great. I can’t stop telling people about your dogs. Temperament is amazing, great with all ages. From our niece who is 3 to my 92 year old grandma. She understands and respects all in our family. She truly completes my family. Thank you again


Bandera Ayo

We have been with our boy for 4 days now and all I can say is that he is PERFECT!!!  My husband was a little apprehensive about not being able to select the puppy ourselves but Ayo could not be any more perfect for our family!  He fits in so well that my husband said he thinks that I may be a Boerboel because he acts just like me! I was all prepared for some sleepless nights and 2:00 am potty breaks, but he has slept the through EVERY night, with very minimal whining and we actually have to wake him up to go out in the mornings!  

He came to us already potty trained, we just had to show him where and transitioned pretty smoothly to the all raw diet (we overdid the organ meat originally but were back on track). The only accident he has had in the house was totally our fault. 

All of the work that you have done is evident in just how smart and respnsive our boy is.  We live near an airport and there are all types of loud helicopter/airplane noises that produce no more than a curious tilt of the head.  He responds to our little "training" sessions like a champ and is so much fun, so sweet and so happy... We are all just TOTALLY IN LOVE!!!

Lisa  |  Illinois

Bandera Tallulah Kalahari (Looie)

The bond I have with my puppy is the most intense bond I've ever had with a dog, and I've had lots of dogs. There's something magical about this breed. Loyal to the death, sweet, highly intelligent and very easy to train, good with kids and cats (at least mine), healthy, (one thing I really like about this breed regarding health is the decreased possibility of hip dysplasia, I had to put my rottie down at 9yrs old because of his hips and that's a really hard thing to go thru). She's only 11months old and has already proven her ability to protect me and my little boy, the safety of her family is her first priority. No matter the situation, her ability to love her family, quickly and intelligently assess situations, and respond in an appropriate way is unmatched in any other animal I've ever owned. I could go on and on about this breed. My girl is by my side all day every day and I couldn't ask for a more well behaved, healthy, and intelligent puppy ❤ so in love. I highly recommend talking to Teri Herrera. I researched breeders for over a year and decided to get my puppy from her and I am so very glad I did.

Rebecca  |  Kent, WA

Bandera Edwin & Bella II

Thanks for all of your help in my decision to buy a Boerboel.  Edwin is always impressing me, everyday.  We can’t believe how smart he is, and how quickly he learns.  House training was a breeze, and he already knows to only chew on his toys.  It seems that he only needs to be told once, and he actually learns.  Impressive at just 7mo. Between Sherrie and I, we have raised over ten dogs, of various breeds, from puppies over the years, and he is just amazing. 

You were correct in the fact that these dogs want to be near you.  He will walk right by our side when out in the yard, like he is on a leash.  We live in the country, with a couple of acres bordered with an invisible fence.  Edwin learned that faster than any of the other dogs ever have, but I don’t think he even needs it. 

This dog is a Rock Star!  Everyone who meets him does a double take, and then asks “What kind of dog is this?” I have to allocate extra time for vet visits, between the office girls and the customers.   One of the guys I work with saw him when he first came home, and he always asks me if Edwin’s coat is still so soft. It still is, and you just can’t predict what any one person will be impressed with. My Dad liked the way he ran at a couple months old.  Said he looked like a little Rhino. 

My 2 ½ year old grandson gets along great with him, and loves to be the one to hand out treats to all four of our dogs.  It’s especially cute because when Riley is pointing and telling all of them what to do, he can only pronounce “Eggwin”.

When we decided to add a Boerboel to our pack, you came highly recommended. With good reason, you have always been supportive, always answering any questions, always there for us. We love Edwin and Bella so, so much. Thank you for both of them, We can't imagine our home without them.


Dave | Illinois

Bandera Kiva

We are having such a wonderful time with Kiva. Her personality fits our family perfectly. She is such a joy.   We are all in love!  The joy and delight in the eyes of Karl, Carlie and Kayla was priceless. She was not shy and was playful with each and every one of us but of course I’m her favorite!  She is so smart and I’m in awe of how easy potty training has been. She likes to bite as all puppies do, but she follows the command “No bite.” We can tell that her socialization thus far has been amazing! We see a night and day difference between our two dogs and are determined to learn from the error of our ways. We are looking forward to her starting her puppy socialization classes. Our dog Kody is wondering who this new pup is. He is easing into her presence. Your advice on a slow introduction was most excellent.  

Thank you again for masterfully producing our sweet sweet Kiva. Your care, availability, vast knowledge, love and patience, not only toward this breed but toward your clients is beyond compare. As much as I love our dog, I think I have equally loved and enjoyed talking to you. My husband and Kayla laughed at me in my response to your beautiful dogs. Karl said, “Honey were you scared a little? You better get ready. Kiva is one of those beauties.” My response, “A little startled at their size but so blessed to be in the family. Thank you so much for this gift.”


Carmen  |  Washington

Bandera Zende II

Teri at Bandera Boerboels is an amazing breeder and the experience of walking around the Farm with my wife and 11 month old daughter will be one to remember. Zende has already made his place know in the Schilling Family and Kim and I couldn't be happier! Thank you, Teri, he is amazing!

Eric |  California


Bandera Sheru 

In 2011 I moved to Seattle. Teri helped me buy my first home, but more importantly to me, she introduced me to the Boerboel breed, and Kima joined my family. This past spring I was excited to learn that she was having a litter of her own. However, I also told her that I was not allowed to get one of her pups. I think we both knew that that was unlikely to be the case.


I met 10 beautiful little pups a few days after they were born. And then I met ten rambunctious pups again at 6 weeks. At 8 weeks, “Blue boy” became Sheru, and another Boerboel became part of the family. Teri strives to raise happy, healthy, well-socialized and well-loved pups. She sought to recommend a pup that would transition well with Kima, and she is always available to provide advice and support. Kima and Sheru bring so much joy to my life, and I will forever be grateful to Teri.


Zoe | Washington

Bandera Sipsey

Sipsey is a dream. He is eating very well, and is super food motivated (dried fish skin chips are his treat of choice) to do pretty much anything. He crates on command, sits, comes, and is starting to figure out walking on a loose leash. No accidents in the house. We explore the yard and woods daily and he loves to follow Mia around watching carefully for cues. She's an obedient dog so I hope he learns good things from her. He slept about 5 hours straight last night which was great and he's quieter in his crate for longer every day.  He's just the sweetest, funniest puppy. He loves to lay in the grass and have his belly rubbed and gives loads of kisses. Heather is head over heels and I can't help  but love the heck out him as well. 


Barry | Alaska

Bandera Obasi

He is so smart! He came to us already knowing here, outside, no bite, and goes to the door to get let out. He is walking well on a leash already. I feel bad for my wife (not really) as he clearly adores me! He has the calmest most loving personality. He is beyond what I hoped for. Thank you!!

Forever gratefully yours,

Brian  |  Washington

Bandera Zola

We couldn't be happier with our new poppy Zola. She is the happiest and most social poppy ever. It so obvious that she comes from a happy place. Our girl is amazing. She has the most beautiful and softest coat. Terii has been wonderful through out this journey with us. She was always available to answer our questions.  Most importantly, even after we got the poupy she made sure we went over the checklist. She spent so much time on the checklist and explained everything in detail. That was very helpful and most educational.


Rose  |   California

Bandera Grace

Teri, I truly can't thank you enough for bringing Grace into our lives.  She is priceless to say the least.  Thank you for your commitment to the Boerboel breed and the time you spent with me on the phone to get me and my family ready for Grace.  The circumstances that preceded our puppy's arrival were heart wrenching, as you know, and through God's grace this all happened!  Thanks to Twan for a perfect Graceful delivery through Evan's Nanny Services as well!  The whole experience, top to bottom, was seamless.  Keep up the good work!


Guy | Nevada

Bandera Bella

We began our journey to find Bella after we lost our beloved dog Mack. We knew we wanted another large breed dog so we began research on breeds and breeders. We quickly landed on the mastiff breed and almost purchased a Bullmastiff. By chance we met a Boerboel puppy at a community event. We did additional research on the Boerboel breed and loved what we found ( decreased risk of hip dysplasia, less drooling, and overall healthy beautiful dogs) and then found Teri and her amazing Bandera Boerboels. We were blown away by her knowledge of Boerboels and her passion for the breed. All the discussions we had insured us that we were making the right choice and we headed to Redmond.


That was 4 months ago, and we are so thrilled Bella is a part of our family. There has been great support and communication about what to expect as Bella grows, and Teri is always just a call or email away. Our schedule hasn't permitted our attendance yet, but we so look forward to attending one of Teri's Boerboel events. We recommend Bandera Boerboels, and are proud to be a part of their family!

The Stevens Family | Washington

Bandera Aksel

I just wanted to send you an e-mail to tell you how awesome and amazing Aksel has been. I've never, ever heard of, much less seen with my own eyes, a dog that is so incredibly intelligent yet cooperative and sweet natured. He is truly the best dog I've ever had the privilege of being around. He's great around my family, especially our children, and is truly a joy in the house. He was incredibly easy to house train and has been absolutely crushing obedience training. Within two weeks of bringing him home he was enrolled in puppy kindergarten and was extraordinarily well behaved. He has truly made my house more than just a place to rest my head but into a home. Thank you so much for such an amazing guy.


Seth | Washington

Bandera Bronte

Teri does such a great job with her dogs. She is an amazing breeder, so knowledgeable and most importantly so careful in raising her puppies to be healthy,stable and well socialized. She is very accountable in making sure that each puppy is matched with the right family through her professional temperament testing and her own observations of the puppies.  We know we have a great match! Bronte is now 7 months old and we can’t imagine our lives without her. Extremely satisfied clients! 

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