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Middelpos Morgan

Puppy Morgan, 2010

Dopper Zende

The Boerboels That Started It All

Puppy Zende, 2007


In 2006, I purchased MisFit Farm, a 16 acre working equestrian farm located in Redmond, WA, a suburb east of Seattle.  I was a single Mom with a 10 yr old daughter living in the foothills of the Cascades. With few neighbors, lots of wildlife and challenging work, my city friends told me I was crazy to live such a life, and as you can imagine,  had concerns for the  safety of my daughter and myself.


In spite of my trepidations, I was drawn to farm life where I would be able to live free of the distractions of noise and the hectic pace of the city. It did not take long before I realized that I needed a working dog that could also provide me with a level of security. I needed a dog that I could trust around my child and the children who came to ride their horses, a dog that would work the livestock, a dog that would not stray and a dog that could offer me personal protection and security. I needed a dog that had impeccable house manners and would be gentle with our tea cup poodle. I also wanted a dog  rugged enough to take on a miles long trail ride into the mountains or hikes into the Cascades. Finally, I needed a dog that would be loyal to a fault and with whom I could form a bond.



Deciding on the Boerboel

I knew that was a lot to ask of any one dog, but I took a chance on the Boerboel. Like many of you, I did my research and I spoke with a number of  breeders both in North America and in South Africa.  After every conversation, I became even more convinced that if there was a dog out there that possessed the versatility that I hoped for, it was in the Boerboel dog.


My first Boerboel, Dopper Zende, arrived in 2007 after a nearly 6 month wait out of the Dopper Kennel in Parys, South Africa.  Our female followed in 2010 from the Middelpos kennel in Middelpos, South Africa. The level of intelligence, the versatility that these dogs possess, the athleticism, and the natural balance between protectiveness, loyalty and gentleness is unmatched. They have not only met but have exceeded my expectations.


Since 2011 Bandera Boerboels has hosted the Pacific Northwest South African Boerboel Breeders Society Appraisal on our farm. We have met many wonderful Boerboel enthusiasts over the years. The collective passion and dedication to preserving and protecting this breed that we all love so much is unparalleled among dog breeders.  I welcome you into the wonderful world of the Boerboel.

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